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Monday, October 29, 2012

Analyzing Assessment Data to Inform Instruction

After every assessment rather interim or summative, it is imperative that teachers do their own analysis of the student results. This will help set the stage for differentiated instruction using the common core lesson plan templates. First you need to gather the details of how students scored on each individual standard. Below is a screenshot of a classroom report that shows a class average percentage of how the class scored by standard. In this report the entire class was not proficient on every standard as you can see from the all red areas.

Alright, so now we know that all of our students were not proficient on every standard assessed on this district-wide assessment, okay, now what? If you have access to the questions that were on the test and the report that shows what answers each student chose, then you are definitely one of the more fortunate teachers. Below is a screenshot of how students answered each question on this particular assessment. This report actually allows you to click on the number underneath each answer choice to see the student names that chose each answer. The correct answer has an asterisk next to it. Having the actually question available allows you to go back and have a discussion with the students that chose various answers to find out why they made the choices they did. Furthermore, you could use this information to group students according to levels of understanding, etc.

The standards assessed on this report were based on ELA state specific grade level standards for Michigan. These standards are closely related to the Informational Text Reading CCSS for grades 11-12. Below is a partial view screenshot from the grade 11-12 informational text common core lesson plan template.

The next step would be to begin utilizing your classroom materials to develop lessons that will help improve student skills on these standards and then plug the lesson descriptions into the template. Our next blog post will show you how we aligned our Stars Educational Consortium Speechmasters Program to the Common Core without spending a dime and using our own common core templates!

*Please note that these templates are also available for ELA grades K-5 and 6-8 on

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