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Monday, September 22, 2014

Reading Response Journal

Use this reading response journal with any fiction text. This common core reading response journal challenges your students to be out of the box thinkers as they read and respond. Designed ideally for grades 3-6 but could be used in 2nd.

 This includes:

A Teacher Page
A Journal Cover Page
Personal ReactionPage
Text to Self Connection page
Text to World Connection Page
Text to Text Connection page
Personal Reaction Page
2 Summarizing Pages
Discussion Questions Page
Clarifying Questions Page
Letter To A Character Page
Writing a Prologue or Epilogue Page
Journal Entry Page
Poetry Page
Two Write a Play Pages
A Quote It Page
Book Award Page
4 Reading Response Pages

5 Page Book Report to reinforce the skills at home

Task card sets to teach multiple meaning vocabulary!

Task card sets to teach multiple meaning vocabulary -CCSS language Arts for K to 3: … s-A-682218 … s-A-850594 … s-A-856559 … -B-1044212 … -B-1271235 … ies-863118

Phonics & Math Grade 1

Great resource to have!

Phonics book KG leading to Grade 1- covers all CCSS objectives for foundational skills (all skills listed in the Tpt description)

Math book KG leading to Grade 1- covers ALL math objectives for KG and some of grade 1 (Specific objectives are listed in the TPT description)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kindergarten Math & ELA Activities

Kindergarten Math K.CC.2: … CC2-961677

Kindergarten Math K.CC.A.3: … un-1068254

Kindergarten Math K.OA.A.1: … on-1439709

Kindergarten ELA RF.K.2b: … les-904336

Kindergarten ELA RF.K.2c: … un-1200736

Kindergarten ELA RF.K.1d: … LE-1237328

Kindergarten Writing W.K.3: … es-1429188

4th-6th Grade Math Activities -- 6th grade 6.EE activities bundle -- 6th grade morning work with FULL YEAR of engaging activities -- 4th grade 4.NF activities bundle.

8.NS.2 Middle School Math Focus

This interactive notebook/foldable activity is aligned with 8.NS. 1 and 8.NS.2: … ty-1411589

This Pythagorean Theorem product covers the entire 8.G.7 Standard: … ry-1381253

Friday, September 19, 2014

L.2.1.E Common Core Activities

A must see!!
This meets 24 Common Core Standards for 1-3
The Mayflower Printable Book and Activities

2.NBT.1 Place Value Task Cards

L2.1E  L3.1A
Adjective Task Cards

L.2.1.E  L.3.1.A
Adverb Task Cards

Expanded Form Pumpkin- Freebie